Sécurisation : Les capteurs communicants au service de la sécurisation

APPI, the life line
Communication and Safety


A France 3 report about the use of the hood APPIPhy at CIREEX, a training center for firefighters ... and APPIPhy always higher !

Physiological monitoring

Professionals in hostile, confined or extreme environments are on their own during their operations. They are subject to harsh conditions that induce very strong physiological constraints :
• high or low temperatures
• heavy workloads physical
• isolation and stress

However, very well protected by their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and totally focused on their mission, they are not able to detect their "physiological overload" and therefore the risk of accident.

Similarly, the support team, outside the danger zone, has no way of knowing the reality on the ground to anticipate or detect these situations. Yet, these professionals are firefighters, workers in the nuclear, petrochemical, or hazardous environments, their physiological parameters can help detecting very rapid degradation of their safety !

The APPIPhy product line (Active Protection Personal Instrument) is a safety equipment, light and functional to detect risk situations.

It is now possible :
• to prevent exceeding exposure limits
• to know in real time if the person is endangering
• to intervene before the accident occurs !

Lives can be saved as well !

In the military and firefighters training centers, instructors frequently have difficulties to have their trainees accepting the fact that human body has limits : it can wait till accident occurs to realize the danger!

With APPIPhy, trainers can measure and demonstrate to trainees the physiological stress suffered during operations. This allows :
• greater awareness of its limits
• the possible prevention of accidents during the years
• a business process improvement based on measured parameters.