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In Europe today, 2.5 million firefighters risk their lives every day ... to save yours!

Firefighters, industrial workers in the nuclear, chemical industry : Many professionals are required to work in hazardous environments.

In their interventions, often isolated, they do not always have an easy way to communicate with other team members. A simple hands free voice communication with their teammates would allow them to quickly communicate to the operational level, but also ensure a better security. In case of emergency or problem, the professional can talk or be kept informed of the problem and act accordingly.

Another problem frequently encountered by these professionals is the detection of a risk during operations. Facing hostile environments, people are sometimes overexposed and it may end in accidents, both for them and their teammates, or put their mission in jeopardy.

A real-time monitoring of their physiological data can anticipate problems and thereby ensure better security for these professionals during the mission.

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